Reason And Method To Self Absorb Time Keeping

I was talking with a person I know whom has been in the business of writing songs and touring for some time. Through his kitchen window, husamjandal we began to discuss drumming and the balance between rudiments and keeping time. We were in agreement that keeping time was key to expressing a song properly. The way he described it was from a perspective I never thought of. newsbreak

For him he is a great writer and performer. His music dives into characters and tells a story. He said that when the band first started the drummer had a ooceanofgames problem keeping the same tempo throughout the song. He started the songs tempo at a defined pace and by the end it had usually sped up. He actually had told the drummer he had to work on it. But to get back to the point, the tempo of the song which he set was to be the heartbeat and pace of the character being portrayed in that song. If the pace of the character changed then the audience would have a harder time connecting with the vibe of the person and therefore the song. moderntimes

He also said that from his experience the drummers he has come across usually are very good at either rudiments or time keeping. But even at a high professional level it is still hard to find one that is solid at both.

I have always said and believe that viraltechnolgy the balance lies in the soul of the drummer. He or she has to be able to put the brakes on doing what your mind wants if it is beyond the level of your physical capabilities. Trying to play a difficult part only works if it is played clean and on time. That is where practice comes into play. This persons drummer is an excellent student. Like anything else in life, the harder you work at it, mastermovers the easier it becomes. It raises the connection level of your physical ability to keep up with the brains request to play a difficult piece. ricoh

So how do you get the brain to absorb keeping steady time? shorpnews Everyone knows you can practice with a metronome for sure. But to get back to my conversation; his drummer took it to a level I hadn’t used since middle school. I used to record a tape of me reading and spelling the words over and over before a spelling test (before the advent of looping). I would go to sleep listening to the tape and the theory was my subconsciousness would absorb the material pannimanagement when I dosed off. It could have been the fact that I repeated it a lot making the tape but it worked. Anyway his drummer put a metronome under his pillow, and it worked too. bcgame

The conversation with my boss ended and as he walked away, I once again felt enlightened.

There is a written hint as to my acquaintances’ identity. He is very well known in the music industry but I have not asked permission to quote him. bishamconsulting



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