Why Does a Doctor Need Medical Billing Service?

Doctors are believed is a God sent pious soul born for providing dedicated service to mankind. It is his responsibility to look after his patient’s wellness, ensure an optimum health condition and provide a best possible cure for his diseases. A doctor needs to devote his entire mind to the service of his patients and a patient’s cure is his only concern. Imedthcare Solutionsical Heal

Unlike other professionals a doctor can not afford to measure the worth of his service in monetary terms. A good doctor is not assessed by the sum of money he makes at the end of the day but the number of souls he is able to cure. Having said that, one can not deny that a doctor too is a professional. And, like any other professional he too must be rewarded for the service he is offering to the society. This take up this very responsibility and take care of the account details of a particular treatment. Medical billing service providers in Sacramento excel in providing accurate, cost effective and timely medical billing solution to the benefit of patients as well as doctors.

This company interacts with the insurer on behalf of the medical practitioner or the healthcare service provider. A doctor generally creates a brief update of the patient’s record. This record contain a summary of treatment and also demographic information in relation to the patient’s name, address, social security number, home telephone number and policy identity number. Incase the patient is a minor, and then all information related to the guarantor must be filled in and submitted to the insurer for claim. Medical billing services in Sacramento generally large a percentage of this profit as their fee or commission and the rate generally varies from about six to twelve percent. The rate depends on the type of medical house they are serving.

Sacramento medical billing services work on a predefined set of plans and follows step by step method of billing for a particular issue. This includes, noting down the basic entry charge, electronic and paper claim submission, follow up, making weekly reports, collecting patient statements, payment postings and adjustments, denial management, managing collections and more. This also includes, answering patient inquiries, patient eligibility verification and collecting arrears and outstanding amounts.It understand the business aspect of a medical service, and endeavors to provide optimum solution to medical practitioners with regard to cash reimbursement, maintaining the cash flow all the year round and the same time ensuring profit for smooth flow of business.



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