An in Depth Review of the Book Conspiracy of the Rich!

Have you ever thought there were different rules for the rich than there are for the poor and middle class? If this thought has ever crossed your mind then the Conspiracy of the Rich is the book for you. boccaccioravello

However this book is no mere compilation of speculative hear say but an account of history which includes time frames of economic collapses. It traces back to several cases of financial calamity including the year 2008 when the Great Recession was termed..

The book begins with a look at the current president of the United States and his supporting staff. The author brilliantly poses the question “who is really has the power President Obama or the Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke”?

The authors message is clear and concise that without financial education you are eating out of the hands of the conspirators. He even goes as far as proving how our current economic crisis stems from our educational system.

As you read the book you may even question your belief on what is sacred and considered sound financially.

Like the authors first book Rich Dad Poor Dad this book is an educational gold mine from start to finish. While many authors only point out the bad guys as being purely maniacal and evil Robert gives a different twist. His objective is not to cause blame but to let you understand the reasoning of the most rich and affluent in the world. coloradoskihome

What also sets this book apart is how simply Robert makes complex financial matters. The term Derivative took on a whole new meaning when it is discussed by the author. Another twist you will find in this book is the outlook of the economy globally. Why the world hopes for America to recover the author points out how America has never solved the problems of the first Great Depression.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the book is his take on what he calls “The New Rules of Money”. The “New Rules of Money” as he explains can benefit not only the rich but those who take the time to learn how to operate using these rules. For more info please visit these sites :-

Anyone who reads this book will be challenged to change their views on money, government and business. In a world where there is so much speculation of what to come this book points to solutions. The author finishes the book with a call to action which is needed in a world full of blame.




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