Cheap Cruises – 4 Tips to Help You Save on Your Next Cruise

Everybody wants cheap cruises but few know how to get the best deal. Follow these simple tips to get a deal on your next vacation. cruise booking

1. Look for cheap cruises during slow times. For a Caribbean cruise some of the best times to book are the summer months and early fall. You can also find good cruise fares right after the major holidays (Thanksgiving, New Years Eve) and also after major school breaks (spring break, summer break). universalblogs

2. Look for last minute cheap cruises. If you live near the port or are within driving distance you can find discounted cruise fare last minute. Watch the cruise line websites for last minute fares. If you know you want to go, book it as soon as you find the discounted fare as they fill up fast. Remember though that if you have to fly to the cruise port you may pay higher airfare which may eliminate any savings you had booking last minute. theprerollguys

3. Book early. You can save money booking early. Recently the different lines have offered great “early saver” fares to those that book a year or more before their cruise. Book these as soon as your sure you want to take the trip. These cheap cruises also fill up fast. Be sure to read the refund policy when booking early fares as they may come with a non refundable deposit meaning you may lose some money if you change your mind later. meridianshrooms

4. Take a repositioning cruise. These cruises don’t stop at as many ports as a regular cruise because the ship is being positioned to a different port. If you just enjoy the experience and don’t care about ports of call this may be a great way for you to get a cruise discount. slot gator



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