The Information Marketing Primer For Helping and Healing Solo-Professionals – Part 12 – Marketing

Information Marketing can enable helping and healing solo-professionals to develop a stream of income beyond their direct service hours. Your expertise creates the products but another skill set is needed to get your products out into the hands of consumers…and that is the skill of marketing. Unfortunately, primers for sale this is one skill that you as a solo-professional probably didn’t learn about in graduate school or in your training.

Marketing takes your message out into the world. And just as marketing your practice brings you a continuous flow of clients or patients, so continuous and strategic marketing will bring people in to buy your information products.

I will be highlighting some of the ways you can market your products that have some cost attached to it, that are inexpensive or that are free.

Webpage/Sales Page 

Have your webmaster create a sales page for the product. Choose a domain name for the page that may tie in to the product or have your webmaster create a separate page of your existing site for this product. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are a wellness expert whose website URL is, dried sea cucumber for sale .net, .us or .biz and you created a product entitled “Living Well Daily”. You could try to get the domain name, .net, .us or .biz or you could have your webmaster create a page on your existing site, .net, .us or .biz /LivingWellDaily.

On this page you would highlight your product and all the pertinent benefits for the clients and also add testimonials if you have them or endorsements by other colleagues from related disciplines. You could include a graphic of the product and other pictures of people looking healthy and living well. You would then give the price,  a guarantee and a way for them to order your product.

You would work with your webmaster to come up with keywords that may be words that people may search on so search engines might lead them to your page. Your webmaster would then use these keywords in your page’s meta tags.

Your Blog 

Highlight the product on your blog and add tags that have to do with search terms associated with your product. Write several blog entries over a few days prior to announcing your product that support the issues, challenges or problems that your product addresses. Use the tags you would use for the product announcement.

Your E-zine

Make sure to highlight your product in your E-zine.  You can do it in every issue, but once you have more than one product, do not highlight more than one product at a time. adderall for sale

Article Marketing 

Submit one or more different articles related to your information product to article marketing sites. You want to establish you expertise in the article and you want to highlight the problem or challenge for which your product is the solution. You cannot directly write about your product in the article, but in the resource box below the article, in addition to your name and company name, you can add that you are the creator of the Living Well Daily product and that they can learn more at Most article sites have you list keywords and you should use those you have decided are search terms your target audience would use.

Host a Teleseminar 

Host a teleseminar entitled “The Keys to Living Well Daily” and cover the “Why” and the “What” of the subject your product addresses. A few times during the teleseminar allude to the solution to this problem/challenge that you will be telling them about later. Then 2/3 of the way through, start talking about your product and repeat at the end of the teleseminar. Do not entertain any Q&A at the end of the teleseminar about your product. This is a tactical error in a teleseminar that is used to promote a product. (You can certainly have Q&A at the end of an informational or educational teleseminar, if you wish.)

Use Affiliate Marketing 

Create your own affiliate program that will create affiliate links and pay commissions to the link owner every time someone buys through them. Create text and banner ads that your affiliates can use. There are sites like Pay Dot Com that will let you do affiliate marketing though a PayPal account if you do not have a shopping cart. cash77

Ask colleagues in complementary disciplines to help you market the product and give them affiliate links and commissions on the sale.


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