Natural Cosmetic Products – Redefine Yourself

Natural cosmetic products are made from roots, plants, minerals and herbs and not made from chemicals. These products are made from nature’s resources and enhance not only the outer beauty of a person, 7mgg but are healthy for you as well. They not only reflect the physical beauty of a person but also help to enhance one’s spirituality and are psychologically and physically healthy. Natural skin care products are in no way harmful to your skin and play a viable role in healing skin ailments.

Having said all of the above, one must always keep in mind that the Cosmetic Industry is self-regulated. They are the best marketers in the world. After all, they have been selling a false dream for centuries and continue to grow with annual revenue estimated to be over 50 billion. As great marketers, manguerose it is only logical that they would want to capitalize on any growing trend, and the trend towards organic and/or natural cosmetic products is obvious. So, here is where consumers must be very careful as products will carry organic or natural claims because it might be in the cosmetic company’s best interest, but is it true? Is it in your best interest? The only way to know for sure is to read, copy and research the ingredients as many of the ingredients in cosmetic products are toxic. Toxins are poisons. They can damage the skin, but they can also cause serious damage to organs, some are carcinogens (linked directly to cancer), can cause respiratory problems, can cause birth defects,  roomideaand this is just a small sample of the havoc harmful, toxic cosmetics, used daily, can wreak.

To prove the point, here are two startling statistics:

there are over 10,500 chemicals used in the manufacture of cosmetic products of which only 11% have been tested for safety here in the US;

the European Union has banned over 1100 chemicals used in cosmetics while the US has banned only 10.

I could go on and on about this subject, but let’s leave it here for now. If you want more detail, I have written extensively on the subject in other articles.

With this cautionary note we can get back to the subject of this article on how to redefine yourself with natural cosmetic products.

Natural cosmetics can be prepared from food as well as other nutritional ingredients. Natural oil imparts fragrance to these cosmetic products. These natural fragrances should be looked for on the ingredient labels. If synthetic fragrances (pthalates) are used, stay away from the product as Pthalates are highly toxic, spaice carry the highest level of hazard with a 10 by the Cosmetic Database, the largest database of cosmetic ingredients in the world. They are carcinogens and therefore, linked to cancer. Think of it this way. If you would not even consider drinking a poisonous substance, why then would you place a poisonous substance on your skin, the largest organ of the body. Clinical studies indicate that over 70% of what is placed on the skin enters the body and invades our bloodstream.

Some of the ingredients that are commonly found in natural cosmetic products are as follows:

Candelila wax, Beeswax, Carnauba: These waxes are obtained from plants and are used as texturizers in cosmetics as well.

Biotin: It is prepared from yeast and used in hair conditioners and cosmetic creams.

Colorants/pigments: The iron oxide present here imparts a natural color to cosmetics such as mascara, lipstick, and eye shadow. The titanium oxide present in titanium ore is serves as a natural sunscreen. Carmine is derived from cochineal (the Mexican insect) and is used in lipsticks.

Essential oils: The essential oils are made of sandalwood, rose, peppermints as well as lavender and provide a nice fragrance. These oils do not irritate your skin but, again, synthetic fragrances are dangerous. Stay away from them.

Panthenol offers nourishment to your hair and is found in lotions and shampoos. The Panthenol comprises of, molasses yeast and rice.



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