The Healing Benefits Of Lavender

Did you know that lavender is the key ingredient in smelling salts? Back in ancient Greek times, bunnydirectories it was imported from Syria because of its fragrance. They were the first to use lavender as a perfume and in bathing water. The fragrance contains more than 100 different chemical compounds that will calm the central nervous system.

The smell of lavender is a potent aromatherapy oil. Many argue over whether English lavender or French lavender has a sweeter aroma. In the Middle Ages, lavender was believed to be the herb of love or what is more commonly called today an aphrodisiac. In any case, the aroma has been used since ancient times to soothe the mind into a calming relaxed state. You most often only think of lavender as an aromatic remedy; however, it also has medicinal uses.

The oil varies with the age of the flower it was made from; the early the flower is picked tends to be thought the more valuable the oil will be. Although not a lot of scientific study has been done on lavender, many herbalist still recommend lavender for antispasmodic and calming features. It has also been noted that the leaves of a lavender flower works quite well as a natural remedy for repelling insects.

Lavender is considered a safe herb to use; however, with any herbal remedy it is always best to check with your medical professional before using any herbal remedy. One teaspoon of the actual flowers boiled in a pint of water can be used as a drink for sedative, calming uses. For skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, all 2 drops of the oil to a bland vegetable or olive oil and uses as a oil on the skin. Sore feet can be relieved by soaking a few drops of lavender it your foot bath. Warm lavender tea can be used as compress for chest congestion.

Bruises and bites can also be soothed with a lavender compress. This is the main stream practice in France and Sprain. You may also find the oil by other names when imported from China it is called White Flower Oil. For more info please visit these sites:-

Culinary experts suggest adding a sprig of lavender to apple jelly to bring out the aroma of the apples.

Lavender can also be used to clear up oily skin by taking and mixing one – three drops into one cup of white vinegar to be used as antiseptic tonic.

Overall, lavender is one of those herbs that is a must have in the home. Adding one or two drops of the oil to a light bulb before turning it on will create a calm, relaxing feeling in the air taking away all the stresses of the day.



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