The Benefits of Pocket Folder Printing

When you are looking to present marketing documents, legal documents, proposals or anything other formal documents-pocket folder printing showcases your enterprise in the best way possible. That is, of course, that you take special care to make sure you get the Investment platform most appropriate printed folders. Not to worry, though. Most online websites give you the flexibility to either design your own folders, or let their in-house professionals customize an order that’s tailored specifically to your business or proposal.

Not only do pocket folders boost your company’s image and reputation, they are also very functional. They can be bought with as little as 1 pocket-and are typically sold up to around 5 pockets. Reinforced materials, durable designs and custom design/coating are also standard in the pocket folder printing industry.

 Features and benefits:


  • Because the pockets in your folder say just as much as the cover and back, they can be printed with your company logo and/or company mission statements or facts right on them.
  • They store documents, promotional materials, rsmelati brochures, proposals, business cards, etc. in the most organized, professional manner. They make locating specific documents a snap for you and your customers and clients.
  • Think of professional folders as portable forms of your office. Along with digital assistants such as PDA’s, disks and flash drives-pocketed-folders fill the gap in storing all of you non-digital information.
  • The folders can be printed in practically any style-such as glossed, matte or embossed-and can be custom-designed to fit your individual needs or the needs of the business.
  • In addition, business card slits can be cut into your order of folders
  • CD/DVD inserts can also be fit to your order of folders-and are common in already-designed pocket folders.


While the standard 9 x 12 size is the most common folder ordered in bulk, many online venues give the additional versatility to set custom sizes. This includes letter size, pocketlegals proprietary document sizes, and special-order art/photography portfolios with built-in accordion-style folders and/or folders with interior pockets.

The dimensions of the folders and corresponding pockets all need to be taken-into account when ordering. Make sure the lengths, widths and even depths perfectly correspond to the order of folders that you’re looking towards buying. Also, you should know that design studios also make pocketed folders with as many “panels” as you or your firm needs.

Executive, executive assistants and even fledgling small-businesses take advantage of the enormous benefits that professional pocketed folders offer. In addition to the obvious functionality and ease-of access that these items offer, they can also lend an unmistakable image forbixindia of sophistication and professionalism to any prospective client or customer.



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